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Locksmith Store Atlanta, GA 404-479-7511Emergencies are horrifying when they occur within closed premises, and especially when a proper emergency exit system is absent. We all have known of a plethora of fire accidents occurring within high-rise buildings and in some cases, within residential spaces. But a proper emergency exit system had been a dearth in all places since a long time. The dawn of 20th century emphasized on higher safety and security for people, which is why today there are strict regulations in place that stress on installation of emergency exit systems in every dwelling space. One of the ways to enhance the functionality of the emergency exit system of a typical building is to install push bars on the exit doors. Locksmith Store has been operating as a reputable locksmithing firm in the Atlanta, GA area that can install push bars for your residential/commercial space and follow it by providing maintenance services.

How push bars function?

Push bars are generally elements that assist in swift unlocking of the door during emergency situations. The tool consists of a spring loaded bar that unlatches the door when pushed with force during the emergency situations and when the occupants of the building are in a hurry to rush out of the door.

In case of a fire, the area tends to become hazy due to the increased presence of smoke across the room. This also makes it impossible for one to comprehend what’s going on at that particular moment, and no one would be bothered to find a key to unlock the door knobs. At times like these, in order to avoid further complications, a push bars’ speedy operation comes in handy!  

How secure are push bars against break-ins?

As someone who is looking forward to installing push bars on the exit doors, we understand one of the biggest questions that you might be imploring about at the moment. If you are of the idea that what gives an easy way out, would also provide an easy way in, then it’s time to believe otherwise! Emergency exit doors are built in such a manner that they would only provide one-way mechanism, i.e., one can’t come in through the exit door, rather one can only make an exit through the door. We, at Locksmith Store install the most reliable push bars on the exit doors such that they would offer an easy way out, but would be highly resistant towards break-ins.

Our service availability:

At Locksmith Store, we believe in providing utmost safety to our clients under all circumstances. The emergency exit lock installations that we place on your doors are highly resistant, such that it is next to impossible for vandals to break in. We also offer regular maintenance services to our clients once they avail our services. Our 24-hour services assure you that if you have damaged push bars, you need not be tensed at all, just give us a call immediately and we will provide our renowned services!

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